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"Loss of vision means losing contact with things, but
loss of hearing means losing contact with people."

Helen Keller

Hearing Health Information

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
Hearing Health Information Resources

  • American Sign Language
  • Hearing Loss and Older Adults
  • Ways to Recognize Hearing Loss
  • Have WISE EARS For Life!
  • Captions for Television Viewers
  • Telecommunications Relay Services
  • Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
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  • NIDCD News Releases

  • New Short Electrode Will Allow Greater Benefit from Cochlear Implants
  • Gene Replacement Therapy Can Generate New Hair Cells
  • Regenerating Auditory Hair Cells is Elementary Genetics
  • A Fly That's Setting the Hearing World Abuzz
  • Early Diagnosis of Usher Syndrome Type 1 Possible
  • Continous Self-Renewal of the Sensory Sterocilia
  • Key Protein Causes Rare Form of Hearing Loss
  • 'Deafness' Gene Causes Two Forms of Hearing Loss
  • New Gene Linked to Deafness in Humans, Mice
  • Gene Therapy to Grow New Hair Cells in Mammals
  • Teenage Inventor Brings Sign-Translating Glove
  • Mouse Study Reveals Mammalian Genetic 'Compass'
  • Got a Tin Ear? Test your sense of pitch on the distorted tunes test.

    Federal Government and Agencies

    Noise and Hearing Conservation


    Aural Rehabilitation

    Professional Audiology Associations



    Tinnitus - Ear Noise

    Hyperacusis - Oversensitive Hearing

    How Ears Work - Anatomy of the Ear

    Sudden Onset Hearing Loss

    Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease

    Sensorineural Hearing Loss

    Noise Induced Hearing Loss


    Ménière’s Disease

    Electromagnetic Radiation Effects

    More Hearing Health Resources

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